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Member News: CTC at the Fair

2016 Great Minnesota Get-Together

CTC Booth, Friday Aug 26

CTC will be in the State Fair Creative Activities building Friday, Aug. 26 (the second day of the fair). Everyone who volunteered in the booth last year had a great time, and we’re looking for your participation again this year. See newsletter for sign-up information.
We will showcase the variety and beauty - and fun - of crochet by displaying your items in the booth. Members can participate in two ways:

  • Submit an item you’ve already made. We’re looking for different types of items as shown on this list. If you visited our booth last year, you know space is at a premium. Once all items are submitted, a decision will be made in favor of those that will create the most attractive booth display. The deadline for submitting items for the CTC booth is Saturday, July 9, which is the same day as the July monthly meeting.  If you won’t be attending the meeting, see newsletter for alternate arrangements.  
  • Crochet something on a stick. In addition to the above and in keeping with our fair’s long-standing tradition, we’ll also display crocheted items on a stick. You can crochet any food item you’d like, but here are two pattern links for your consideration: Cotton candy and the classic corn dog. If you need supplies, yarn, sticks, and stuffing will be available for you to pick up at the July 9 meeting and at the fourth Saturday meetup on July 23. All finished items must be received by August 13. See newsletter for more details.

CTC Member submissions for competition

If you’re interested in submitting items in the State Fair’s Creative Activities competition, you can find more information on the State Fair website. Please note deadlines for online registration, in-person registration and item drop off and pick up dates and time. We recommend entering competition items online as this will save you considerable time when dropping them off at the fairgrounds. FYI – online registration is now open.

2016 Hennepin County Fair winners 

Hearty congratulations to the following CTC members who won ribbons at the 2016 Hennepin County Fair. 
Jennifer Campbell
Second place, Class 5 - Doily over 14” 

Joy Jennen
First place, Class 4 - Doily 14” or under* 
First place, Class 5 - Doily over 14” 
Third place, Class 18 - Shawl 

Julie Marz 
First place, Class 27 - Purse 
Second Place, Class 18 - Shawl 

Kathy Roderick 
First place, Class 12 - Mittens 
First place, Class 13 - Cowl* 

Carla Stevenson 
First place, Class 15 - Dish Cloth 
First place, Class 23 - Felted Item (purse) 
First place, Class 28 - Not Specified (blue halter top) 
Second place, Class 14 - Scarf 

*Also awarded Purple ribbon - “to the best of the blue ribbons in each category”

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