About Us

What is Crochet Twin Cities?
Crochet Twin Cities is a local chapter of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA). CGOA is a non-profit educational organization, dedicated to preserving and advancing the art of crochet. We contribute to this goal through our monthly meetings where we learn new skills, share ideas, and work on community projects - all related to crochet.

Can I join Crochet Twin Cities if I'm just learning to crochet?
Absolutely! All skill levels are welcome. If you're a beginner, be sure to let us know when you check in for a meeting so that we can pair you with a more experienced crochet buddy.

What do you do at the meetings?
Each of our second Saturday meetings is focused on a specific topic related to crochet - with details in a blog article as a meeting approaches. In addition to the special education topic, we also have a show and tell and encourage everyone to bring in-progress or completed crochet projects to share with the group. Participation in the specific meeting topic is always optional so you're welcome to bring other projects and work on them during meeting time. We try to keep any other business short and sweet because, to our group, crocheting and talking about crochet and learning about crochet is the business of the guild!

Does it cost money to join?
Unless otherwise noted, the meeting fee for non-members is $5 for attending a regular second Saturday meeting. If you decide to join at the meeting you visit, that amount will be applied against your membership dues.  Membership dues are $24 per year; new members pay a pro-rated amount based on when they join. For more details see our membership form. There is no fee to attend a fourth Saturday meetup.

Where and when do you meet?
Our regular meetings are the second Saturday of every month from at the Textile Center with agenda details in individual blog posts. On the fourth Saturday of the month, we hold meetups (informal drop-in where we crochet and chat) at various coffee shops and other locations around the Twin Cities.

Do I have to be a member of CGOA to join Crochet Twin Cities?
Anyone who is interested in crochet can join Crochet Twin Cities; you do not have to be a CGOA member. While many of us are members and endorse GGOA as a worthwhile and fun organization, there is no requirement for you to join CGOA to join us. For more information about how we are organized, see our current bylaws.

What is a Fifth Saturday event?
If a month has five Saturdays, we occasionally plan extra Fifth Saturday outings and post information about these "extras" as they occur. Fifth Saturday outings may be free or may have an event fee - those details are always included in the blog post.