Inclement Weather Procedure

Announcements to cancel meetings for bad weather will be made only for second Saturday meetings. Fourth Saturday meetups are informal gatherings, and will not have a cancellation process.
The Textile Center does close occasionally for inclement weather.  These closings are generally decided a day ahead of time, and are posted as an announcement on the home page of their website.

A Crochet Twin Cities meeting will be cancelled if:
  • the Textile Center is closed.
  • weather conditions are unsafe for member travel.  Our members come from a wide geographic area so conditions for some may be worse than for others.  Members should always prioritize their safety depending on the conditions in their area.

Cancellation process:
  • the President will decide whether a meeting should be cancelled in consultation with other board members.  If the President is not available, the decision will be made by the Education Coordinator since the education portion of the meeting will need to be rescheduled.
  • an email will be sent to all members of Crochet Twin Cities before 8 AM the day of the meeting.  The President should be able to send the email.  Other board members who know how to send to the full email list are the  Secretary and the Blog Coordinator who can be asked to send the message as needed.
  • if a meeting is cancelled and the Textile Center remains open, notify the Textile Center room coordinator that the room was not used.