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Monday, November 15, 2010

Meeting Topics (November 2010)

Got an idea for a monthly meeting topic? Would you be willing to take the lead for a monthly meeting? Could you teach a new skill? Is there something crochet-related on which you could use some help?

If so, post a comment.

Topics covered in the past include broomstick lace, hairpin lace, and solomon's knot.

Here's a list of things that interest me or give me trouble:
  • Using variegated yarns to best advantage (I love them, they don't love me)
  • Making exploded lace work (choosing the right yarns, correcting gauge, finding the right hook)
  • Tunisian--particularly using the right hook
  • Crochetknit
  • Blocking


  1. I like all your ideas, Carol - I've done some Tunisian but it's been a while, would sure be wiling to share what I know. Maybe we could do our own CAL (crochet along) with Tunisian, work on it over the course of several meetings.

    One idea I've had is to set aside some meetings as "round robins" - and have thought of several different types:
    1) Everyone share a crochet tip with others, doesn't have to been a major revelation could be something as simple as how to tame a particularly mischievous yarn or some tips for organizing your hooks or yarn stash
    2) Everyone bring a crochet-related item that they no longer need but can't bring themselves to throw away - again, something simple like a skein of yarn (or partial skein) or a hook or carrying case - and swap with others, there are all kinds of fun games you can do with this (put numbers in a basket, etc)
    3) Everyone come prepared to tell a particular story about their own crochet history - their ugliest project, their favorite designer, the person who inspired them to crochet - I'm sure there are other stories out there as well

  2. Adding to Maxine's list:

    1) Everyone bring a favorite crochet book and tell what they love about the book.

    2) Yarn workshop. Ever buy yarn for a project and then never do the project and you are stuck with skeins of stuff you don't know what to do with? Ever buy yarn and wonder later "What was I thinking!?" Ever buy yarn and find you just can't work with it and don't know why? No doubt, someone in the group has the answer to your question or ideas to inspire you to use that rogue yarn.