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Friday, November 5, 2010

Beaded Tunisian Bracelet: Noveber 13 Meeting Preview

We next meet on Saturday, November 13th, at 2:30 pm in the Borealis Yarn meeting room. Gail will teach us how to make a beaded bracelet using the tunisian stitch.

Bring an ounce or two of 1/8” wide ribbon yarn, some 20mm beads (the hole in the beads must be large enough for the ribbon to fit through ) and an F hook. You do not need an afghan hook, a regular one will do. Ribbon yarn can be purchased at Borealis, but Maxine will be bringing some to share that was purchased last weekend at the Color Crossing outing. The 20mm beads are larger than seed beads and smaller than pony beads. Since we will have to string the beads on the yarn before crocheting, you might want to bring along a small paper plate to catch stray beads and ease the process.


  1. Very clear pic Carol, thanks. (I've set aside the yarn so I won't forget it!)

  2. I'm sorry everyone, but I wont' be coming to this afternoon's meeting due to weather. Wish I could email the ribbon yarn over to you!