Sunday, December 19, 2010

Meeting Highlights: Tapestry Crochet

Carmelle demonstrated the basics of tapestry crochet. The distributed pattern makes this small bag.

For more information about tapestry crochet - including free videos and patterns - see Some of the important points to remember in tapestry crochet are:
  • tapestry crochet uses single crochet only and is often worked in the round
  • crochet over the tail and over any strands not in use (do not carry to the back side)
  • for this particular pattern, use a repeat with nine stitches
  • when you add new a color, start by crocheting over the tail end

  • when switching colors, make the change in the stich before the new color; work the last stitch in the old color until two loops remain on the hook, then make the final yarn over and loop with the new color

There was plenty of show and tell, including a lovely baby blue cardigan modeled by Melanie (sorry, not photo) and some amigurumi done by Peggy's 13-year-old son. See the project gallery post for some of the projects shared.

January is a five-Saturday month. We decided to meet on the fifth Saturday at the Midtown Global Market on Lake Street--plenty of places to sit, all sorts of food vendors, and easy parking. A notice will be sent out in mid-January. There is a lot of interest in visiting StevenBe's Chicago Avenue store, but we won't go until springtime when the snow is gone.