Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meeting Highlights: Crocheting with Beads

We had a great turnout with three new members attending for the first time. Welcome to all!

Show-and-tell was fabulous - check out the separate project gallery post.

Maxine taught the basics of crocheting with beads, then let us experiment to our hearts’ content. The main points to remember are:
  • On a tightly crocheted item, the beads appear on the back side. Beads can be forced to the front and locked in place with the next stitch.
  • If your bead is large enough and you have a hook small enough, you need not string your beads first, but can pull up a loop through the hole and crochet with that. Caution, this can really ruin a hook!
  • String your beads on your yarn before starting. If your project large and beads few, you may want to cut your yarn and add bead just before the place you need it—plan ahead.
  • Running your yarn through a small bead hole in a large number of beads can be rough on your yarn—plan ahead.
Our Fifth Saturday meeting will be held at the Midtown Global Market. We will not be in a meeting room, as the MGM marketing staff would like us out in the open. More info to follow in a separate email.

Gail will be teaching the Tunisian beaded bracelet at our February 12 meeting, so practice working with those beads!