Monday, February 14, 2011

Meeting Highlights: Beaded Tunisian Bracelet

Gail distributed a pattern and taught us how to make a beaded tunisian bracelet. Some things to remember are:
  • Keep good edges. Do this by doing a chain one at the beginning of the return pass, then doing a yarn over and pull through two loops for the remainder. Also, watch your tension on the loop at the beginning of the pick up loops row.
  • Let the beads dictate usage. Some beads just want to stand alone, some work better in groups.
  • Different effects can be achieved by using contrasting colors or no colors at all (Julie's clear beads with a variegated ribbon yarn bears witness to that!).
  • Flatter yarns seemed to work better
Next month's meeting topic is sharing tips and favorite books and tools.

The pictures below show beaded works in progress. Maxine is working on a vest using beads and size 10 thread. Wendy experimented with fake pearls; she wore the resulting necklace to work today and I took her picture!

Due to yet another glitch while uploading pictures, the February gallery entry disappeared.