Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meeting Highlights: T-Shirt Yarn

Wow were we ever busy bees!  We devoted most of the meeting to cutting T-shirts for our charity projects.  We had multiple people on each task, from using rotary cutters to prepare the shirts and using sheers to cut the loops.  We even had a ball winder to make winding the strips a snap.  Many hands made the work go really fast.

Julie was back from Portugal and shared patterns with us.  It seemed that every project was a winner—no duds that make you wonder how an editor ever put such a garment in a magazine.  The patterns come in booklets and in large fold-out sheets (like a highway map), with the folded sheets being used for filet crochet and large charts.  An interesting thing is that crochet patterns are available at magazine stands and kiosks.  Julie has found a translating website for foreign crochet terms which lets her read her Portuguese patterns.  Way cool!

We had hoped to go to StevenBe's yarn shop on Chicago Avenue for our 5th Saturday outing, but he had a conflict.  Instead, we are booked to visit his shop in July.  For now, the April 5th Saturday outing is undecided.  More info will be coming soon.

The May meeting will be May 14th at Borealis Yarns.