Monday, August 29, 2011

Need help in finding new location for larger group (August 2011)

The good news: Crochet Twin Cities is growing - thanks to the enthusiasm of our members and the publicity of the recent conference.

The not-so-good news: We may soon outgrow our current meeting location at Borealis Yarns.

At a recent program committee meeting, we took stock of the situation and the result is this post, which a request asking all members to help scout-out a new location, keeping these requirements in mind:
  • Ample and easily-accessible parking (free preferred, low-cost would be OK)
  • Central location - roughly within the area bounded by I-35E east, I-35W west, I-694 north, and I-494 south
  • A room that is large enough to accommodate 20 - 30 people
  • A room with good lighting and air flow
  • A room that is private (as our current location is) as opposed to public (table in a library)
  • Free or very low-cost - at this point we don't have a dues system, just suggested $1 donation per person per meeting so our budget is minimal
  • We don't think a restaurant or a bar is a good option for our group (it's awkward because people feel obligated to buy food and drink.)
At the recent conference, these were some of the ideas that other chapters offered for meeting rooms:
  • Community centers
  • Libraries
  • Churches

If you have a suggestion for a specific location, please send an email to Maxine or add a comment to this blog entry. I will post compile all suggestions (we actually have some already) and post a google doc that we can use to track our ideas.

There will definitely be an opportunity to "cuss and discuss" this topic at the end of the next meeting. We want to keep our meeting focus on crocheting but also take care of any chapter business if needed.

And a final note: Our current location is securely registered for us as long as we need (thank you Carol) so this is not a crisis situation. We're just being proactive and, if we do find a new location that's suitable to the group, they'll be plenty of notification.