Thursday, October 13, 2011

Project Gallery October 2011

Peggy finished her first sweater and it looks terrific.

This cowl, also by Peggy, is sure to sell a lot of yarn for Lion Brand. The yarn is called Amazing, and it sure looks amazing.

Peggy and Wendy both finished the scarf pattern we worked on at our last meeting. Wendy chose purple and Peggy chose a light variegated yarn--both are Plymouth Encore.
Carla is making thread crochet ornaments for a craft sale where she works.

Maxine made this yellow shawl, which has large motifs around the outside edge. [Sorry about the shadow over the image--the shawl is a solid golden yellow.]

What is this? A half-dicky? A fichu? Modesty lace? Jodi crocheted this little lacy insert. It has ties that attach it to bra straps. Wear one when you want to fill in a neckline but don't want to wear a cami or shell under another garment.