Monday, January 2, 2012

We're Moving to a New Meeting Location (January 2012)

Yes, it's official. We'll starting the new year off by moving to a new meeting location,
Prospect Park United Methodist Church, at  22 Orlin Ave SE, Minneapolis (just two blocks off University Avenue, 1 mile east of the main U of M campus, and 2 miles west of our former home at Borealis). The link to PPUMC website gives very thorough directions to the church using both I-94 and Franklin Avenue as reference points.

There is ample off-street parking available on Saturdays in the Pratt School parking lot, which is just across the street from the church (just click on the second picture so see a better view of church and parking lot). 

Entry to the building is through the front door of the church.  Take the stairs or elevator up to the second floor.  As you come off the elevator, our meeting room is on your left.

We will need to have a door keeper in place, as we do not want to leave the front door unattended.  Those arriving late can take the handicap ramp found on the left side of the property (see bottom photo).  That ramp leads to external doors to our space.  Just knock and we will let you in.