Thursday, April 19, 2012

Project Gallery April 2012

Julie is back from Portugal and had a nice display of the yarns and patterns that she picked up there, including the yarn made from reindeer hair. If you are a fan of filet crochet, Portugal is the place for you!

Carla and Jodi have both completed the baby sweater pattern that Maxine showed us in the March meeting.

Jean's doily was a nice example of creating surface interest, the grapes were in 3-D and looked good enough to eat! We can't wait to see what this looks like when it is blocked, bet the design will really pop!

This is Jean's moebius, very pretty - not only is the yarn variegated but the stitches sizes are also

Jodi has been doing a lot of experimenting with felting. The blue swatch shows felting with different types of surface embroidery; the red and gray swatches are a comparison of different felting times on the same stitch patterns (necessary if you want to plan the finished size of your project). All this experimenting paid off, look at the cool purse organizer that she made, just the right size to hold all her accessories.

This is a baby blanket that Maxine made for a co-worker using a technique she learned at the conference last summer. It's a technique that allows you to alternate two colors without cutting the yarn.

Peggy is making a variation on the mother-of-the-bride shawl that she's made before, using a sock yarn. This project shows the different looks you can achieve from a simple pattern simply by varying the yarn weight and color that you choose.

Gail is making a lovely scarf from one of the yarns she purchased after she won the hat challenge at last summer's CGOA conference. There are beads scattered throughout the variegated colors. This is another project that will look fabulous when it's blocked.