Friday, June 15, 2012

Meeting Hightlights: Filet Crochet

Isn't this heart design cute? That's what we made in Julie's filet class.

Actually, that's what I made. Other people's filet samples look different because they didn't make the same mistake I made in repeating a row.  Although the pattern utilized only chains and double crochet, we all made our share of errors.  Common mistakes were filing in blocks with three stitches instead of two and making the foundation chain the wrong length.  Filet crochet seems simple, but it is harder than it looks because you must pay careful attention to what you are doing.

Julie says if you want to try filet,  pick a pattern that is symmetrical.  Pattern charts are read from the bottom up, from right to left to right to left.  But you are always actually crocheting from right to left (if right-handed).  While progressing through the chart, you suddenly realize your are on a left-to-right row but crocheting from right to left--it can be very disconcerting.

Julie's second hint is to count your stitches regularly and count your rows.  It also helps to mark your chart so you know what row you are on.  Filet crochet depends upon regularity--stitches the same height, chains the same length, and the proper spaces filled in.  Your mistakes will show if you are not careful; you want to catch your mistakes early because you will have to frog.

We are officially taking reservations for the September 2012 retreat to be held September 28th through the 30th at Memories at the Depot in Woodville WI.  Think of it as an entire weekend to crochet with your friends.  More specifics regarding the retreat can be obtained by sending a request to  There's only room for seventeen participants.  Reservations must be received by June 30th, so send in your application soon.

June has five Saturdays.  We will meet at noon, June 30th, at Midtown Global Market for a Fifth Saturday informal get-together.  If you want to take your chances with your retreat reservation, reservation forms will be available at the meeting; just be sure to bring your $25.00 deposit with you.

Our next meeting will be July 14th, 2012.  The meeting will focus on hairpin lace.  Maxine will teach us the basic stitch and several ways of joining strips.