Friday, September 14, 2012

Meeting Highlights: Crochet Expo

Not only did everyone have a great time at the Crochet Expo, but Crochet Twin Cities gained three new members (welcome Lisa, Mary Jane and Mary).  If attendance looks sparse in the picture to the left, I can assure you that more came after this picture was taken.

After a short business meeting, we broke into four groups.   
Representatives from each of the four committees (education, publicity/membership, community outreach and program) gave short presentations about the committee’s purpose and outlined ways in which members can help.  [Pictured here is the Education Committee, doing their presentation on learning opportunities for newer crocheters.]If you signed up for a task, you were rewarded with two tickets—an easy way to increase your chances of winning a prize.  (And what prizes!  Everything from crocheted jewelry to yarn to crochet kits to books.) and we’ll send you some information.
Here’s an example of the volunteer opportunities available.  We want to conduct a review of local yarn shops.  Volunteers will visit local shops, check some prices, ask some questions, and fill out a short form.  Members will receive a copy of the summary report when they pay 2013 membership dues.  If you were unable to attend the Expo but still would like to learn how you can participate, just email

And treats--did we have treats, sweet and savory.

We did have the Mother of All Show & Tells—two tables full of projects and inspiration.  We had such a full afternoon of activities that there simply wasn’t time to discuss and show off all the projects displayed.  Next year, we intend to include time for modeling and discussing projects.  The pictures below (thanks, Jeanne) show just a few of the items displayed.  To see a close-up of any picture on this post, just click on the image.

Our October meeting will focus on stitches.  If you want to eliminate that little space at the beginning of a row of double crochet, or to crochet cables, or make your stitches a little taller, this is the meeting for you.