Tuesday, December 18, 2012

American Swedish Institute: December 29 5th Saturday Outing

We hope you can join us Saturday, December 29 for a special Fifth Saturday outing. If you're new to our group, you're probably asking "What is Fifth Saturday?" Anytime a month has five Saturdays, we plan an informal get-together - no class, no agenda, just a chance to visit and to (optionally) do informal crocheting. Since this Fifth Saturday is right in the midst of the holiday season, we looked around for something special and found out that the American Swedish Institute (ASI) Museum in Minneapolis currently has two very interesting exhibits. And since the Institute also has a cafe, it's really is the perfect spot because Fifth Saturdays usually include time for lunch or coffee.

So here's the details:
  • ASI is located at 2600 Park Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55407. For complete directions and parking information, click this link.
  • The two current exhibits are Treasured Threads: Nordic Lace and A Nordic Christmas. Some of our members have already seen the Nordic Lace exhibit and say it is well worth the admission price - but you might want to bring a magnifying glass, some of the lace is that delicate and fine.
  • The Museum is open on Saturdays from 10am-5pm and admission to the exhibits is $7 per person ($6 for ages 62+). If you only join us for lunch/coffee in the FIKA Cafe, there is no admission charge.
  • As far as a schedule, remember that this meeting is very informal so we want to give people the option of touring the exhibits either before or after lunch - or only joining the group for lunch.
    • If you want to tour the exhibits as a group before lunch, please meet in the Cafe by 10:15pm.
    • If you want to join us for lunch, please meet in the FIKA Cafe from 12 noon to approximately 1:30pm.
    • If you want to view the exhibits as a group after lunch, please meet in the Cafe by 1:45 pm
We hope to see you at our outing. And if we don't see you there, we wish you happy holidays and a wonderful new year!