Monday, February 18, 2013

Project Gallery February 2013

Gail participates in Bundles of Love, a charity crochet project that sends her yarns to use for projects.  Due to the weird colors she received last time, she used her materials to make some amigurumi--a dog and a monster, which she stuffed with fiberfill.   Aren't they cute?

Jodi is working her way through the Dora Ohrenstein “Custom Crocheted Sweaters book.  This is her first completed sweater, of which she is justly proud - be sure to click on the swatch for a closeup that shows the details. 

Jodi is also learning to crochet with double ended hooks.  For these projects you use yarns of differing colors, with the result being a project with differing dominant colors on front and back.  This dishcloth, a sample, is a tad funky—yellow and lavender?!

Joan crocheted the heart doily from the last year’s filet crochet class and used it in a bleach-based process to make Valentine T-shirts for her granddaughters.  (The process is an interesting one.  Perhaps she will agree to teach us the process at a future meeting.)  For her grandson she made the “I heart Mom” shirt using hemp twine for the motifs which were glued onto shirt.

Joan continues to explore felting.  She brought in several examples using the 'extreme earflap hat' pattern from  Whenever you felt, you can try to control all the variables but stuff has a way of turning out in unexpected ways.  Sizes have a way of coming out unexpectedly; a double-strand of Lambs’ pride turn out a “child’s” hat that was too large for an adult.  Here we see a hat that is about to be felted and a similar hat already felted.


Peggy also is working on felted projects.  In addition to this hat with a turned up brim, she made a small bowl to hold a series of coasters, all made using Lion Brand products.

She has also finished a doily project using size 10 cotton thread.

Peggy continues to be our mail-order queen. She ordered a new “yarn” called zpagetti from Lion Brand that is made from mostly-cotton knitted fabric remnants.  You can’t select the color or pattern, just the color “family.”  Peggy has used this yarn to create a series of bowls.

Carol started this scarf way back when we were learning filet crochet.  She picked a filet pattern from Robyn Chachula’s stitch dictionary and used Schulana Mosco (a discontinued yarn).  This is one of those yarns better suited for knitting than crochet.  The mohair doesn’t get a chance to bloom the way it does with knitting, but it blocked up well and looks nice anyway.  The very stretchy rayon core resulted in a yarn just about impossible to frog.

Jean crocheted this WOW doily from the aptly-named “Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies” book.  I’ve got that book.  I look at it and drool, but Jean actually used it to make something.  Talk about raising the bar!

Jen has been crocheting colorful cotton (peaches and cream) dishcloths and hot pads in many geometric and flower-like shapes.  These future shower gifts are fun to make—and fun to look at, too.

Hillary made Pete the cat , a classroom mascot for a friend's preschool.  Although the pattern was "horrible," the project was fun.  It took three tries to get Pete’s head attached in the forward position.  We don’t have a picture of it, but Hilary was wearing a linen/cotton top she made from the Lion Brand pattern "Dinner at Eight."  This top had a bra-type bodice that unfortunately didn’t take into account that many of us are more rounded than flat; it didn’t matter what size she used, the bra portion was inadequate.  Hate when that happens!

Maxine has pledge to complete one project a month using stash yarn.  This continuous loop scarf using Tunisian crochet was her December project.  The blue scarf, January’s project, uses slip stitches and single crochets.

Jody took our class topic to heart—and made Valentines using stash yarn and pattern sources which she shared with us.  These hearts are all from the same pattern but look entirely different due to the different yarns.