Friday, March 1, 2013

Everything About Yarn, Part 2: March 9 Meeting Preview

All About Yarn proved to be too large a topic for just one meeting.  Therefore, we will continue the discussion at our March meeting.  We will have the same yarn samples available for your perusal.  Carol and Julie will attempt to answer any and all questions regarding the whys and wherefores of yarn. 

We will meet at 1PM at Prospect Park United Methodist Church on Saturday, March 9, 2013.  This is the first meeting at our new meeting time:  1PM.  As usual, we will start with a short business meeting, to be followed by Show & Tell.

If you attended the February meeting, please bring all the handouts your received at the last meeting (in hopes of saving on printing).  For those of you who missed the meeting, not to worry, as we’ll have some copies of the handouts available for you.  We will be doing the hands-on activities for which we didn’t have time in February.

For this meeting you will need:
  • A short ruler (a measuring tape will not do)
  • Several samples of yarn that is labeled “worsted weight” (4).
  • A sample of yarn that is at least 75% wool (the better to practice a spit splice)
  • A magnifying glass if you have one
  • A protractor (not necessary, but useful)

You’ll need something on which to take notes, as there’s a lot to learn.