Thursday, June 20, 2013

Textile Center Tour: June 29 5th Saturday Outing

If you missed the last meeting, you missed a big announcement: Crochet Twin Cities is now an organizational member of Textile Center of Minnesota! And to celebrate, our next 5th Saturday excursion will be a tour of the Textile Center on Saturday, June 29 from 1pm-3pm.

If you've never been to the Textile Center, you'rbe in for a treat - the center includes a gallery, gift shop, classrooms, library, and dye lab - plus the Weaver's Guild of Minnesota shares the same building. During the tour you'll have a chance to look over the facility and ask the Textile Center staff questions about the Center itself and about the activities that are held there. (Now that we are a member, there are future possibilities of joint programs with the other organizational members and also the option of renting space at the Center for our own events.)

A real highlight of our visit will be the tour of the Pat O'Connor Textile Center Library, which includes more than 26,000 books, magazines, and publications. When we joined the Textile Center, we joined as a guild with library membership privileges - meaning that everyone who is a CTC member now has a library card and checkout privileges at the largest circulating library in the country devoted to fiber arts! Members can pick up their cards during the tour - plus learn all about how to locate materials (including an online catalog) and check out materials.

The Textile Center is located at 3600 University Ave SE in Minneapolis  - click here for map and directions. There is some parking available in the rear of the building but be sure to heed the signs in the parking lot and the sign on the rear of the building (just to the left of the back door) about which spaces really are available for Textile Center parking. The Textile Center is actually just a few blocks away from our regular meeting location at Prospect Park United Methodist Church so parking in the Pratt School lot is also an option - just hang a right as you come out of the parking lot and keep heading downhill and to the right until you reach University Avenue.

If you walk down the hill or come around the east side of the building to the front door, you'll see these really colorful metal bicycles next to the building. Not sure if they are meant to be sculpture or bike racks but they are definitely a sign-post that you're at the right place!

As with all 5th Saturday outings, we welcome all crocheters to join us - there is no meeting fee. (Please note,however, that the library portion of the tour is geared to CTC members only; while non-members can listen in, only members have checkout privileges.)

We hope you can join us!