Friday, March 21, 2014

5th Saturday Outing: March 29

It's time again for a 5th Saturday outing - wahoo! If you're new to the blog, we plan a special get-together for any month that has five Saturdays. This month's get-together is something new: a Yarn Crawl in the Woodbury area. This will be an casual outing.  Here are two locations where you can be sure to find us.

  • 8:55 AM - We'll meet in the parking lot of the Hobby Lobby in Woodbury and then on to explore the store when it opens at 9 o'clock (and we promise we won't storm the door before then). This is a brand new store - a national chain that is new to the Twin Cities. They have a great selection of yarn, featuring their own brands.
  • 11:00 AM - We'll wander over to Panera Bread in Wodbury on or before 11 o'clock so that can have a treat and then plan our next stop. There are several other yarn shops area - Knit' from the Heart is within crawling distance of Panera - Darn Knit Anyway is just up the road in Stillwater - and Lila and Claudine's is not far away in Mahtomedi. We'll decide over coffee who wants to go where for the next stop - or who wants to just sit and crochet.
All Twin Cities crocheters are invited to join us, hope to see you!