Thursday, April 24, 2014

4th Saturday Meetup: April 26

Are you ready for some quality crochet time? If you are, it's that time again - 4th Saturday meetup, where we meet informally to crochet, chat, and have a cup of coffee or cocoa - and just relax!

We're meeting Saturday, April 26 2014 from (approximately) 9am - noon at the Dunn Brothers at 530 University Avenue, Minneapolis (basically at 6th and University, up the hill from the Stone Arch Bridge). Drop in at any point and look for the group that's laughing and crocheting!

Maybe you'd like to start work on the CAL sweater

Or maybe you'd like to practice swatching cable stitches 

Or maybe you like to work on another project. Anything and everything is fine, we just hope you can join us!