Tuesday, June 17, 2014

4th Saturday Meetup: June 28

It's summer time and that means travel, so at this month's meetup, you have the option to sit and crochet or go exploring with hook in hand!

Our meetup this time will be at Bruegger's Southtown (in Bloomington) - we've had meetups there before, it's a great spot - but with an extra twist this time. You see, the date of this fourth Saturday, June 28 2014 is also the start  date for Yarn Venture, a two-day yarn shop hop that takes place in southeastern Minnesota. We're starting our meetup at 8:00 AM this month so that if anyone want to meet at Bruegger's and car-pool you can. Or you can stay at Bruegger's and crochet.

So with two options like this, there's bound to be one that works for you. Just to recap:

  • Meet at Bruegger's Southtown at 8:00 AM to check if anyone wants to carpool to points south (Northfield, Cannon Falls, Zumbrota, Rochester, Winona) for Yarn Venture
  • Join us anytime between 8:00 AM - noon at Bruegger's to crochet and visit 

(Of course, if you want to bypass Bruegger's and go directly to the yarn shop hop by yourself or with friends, that's an option too.)

Hope to see you!