Monday, April 2, 2018

CTC Mends Hearts

In February, CTC received an email request from a single dad seeking help.  He was desperately trying to find someone who could repair his six-year-old son's beloved blanket. This little boy had literally loved his blanket to pieces. More than half of the blanket was in tatters. Most of us can relate - either from our own childhood or the childhood of someone we love - to the importance of a special blanket. While this loving dad's request was seemingly simple ("I need to find a caring crochet repair person who can fix it”), the job of fixing the blanket was not.  It was important to them that we keep the look and feel of the blanket the same while maintaining the integrity of the undamaged parts of the blanket. So finding a similar sort of yarn, in similar colors, and using a similar stitch was the challenge.

Luckily CTC has many members who are more than happy to rise to such a challenge. With Judith sussing out the rather unique stitch, Kendra set to work finding the perfect yarn and repairing the blanket. She was able to keep all of the rows and blended in the repairs so expertly that the end result was practically seamless.

Both the little boy and his dad were thrilled with the results: "Kendra did a fantastic job," said the boy's dad. "When I look closely at the blanket, I'm amazed how she repaired the blanket so beautifully. The work was incredible!" Not only was this dad appreciative of the end results, he also expressed how touched he was by the speedy and warm response he received from our CTC members. It was a heartwarming experience for everyone involved.

Below are before and after photos of the blankie and a close-up of the stitch.