Sunday, July 10, 2011

Meeting Highlights: Thread Crochet

Gail led us through the crocheting of a simple thread flower motif.  Well, maybe not so simple, as there were tons of questions.  Gail thoughtfully provided samples of the motif in various stages of construction.

Crochet stitches are the same whether using thread or a bulky yarn, but if you are using thread, you need to watch your tension and gauge more closely.  Too tight or too loose in one section and your doily might not lay flat.  Some people tension yarn the same way whether using worsted or thread, while others need to add another wrap around a finger when using thread.  Others find changing their grip (pencil or knife) helps with gauge.  Judging by the samples in the picture, we are well on our way to success.

Stickers similar to our “business” cards were distributed to those who will be attending the CGOA Chain Link Conference this month.  If we slap stickers on ourselves, we might attract the attention of attendees who do not know about our chapter.  Carol will have more cards and stickers available at the conference.  Those who want to make their own supply can contact Carol and she will send you a pdf master.  Gail has been in contact with the conference managers; hopefully we will have a space where we can meet on Saturday between the morning and afternoon sessions.

We will have a “split” meeting in August.  You have a choice:  attend the regular meeting at Borealis and learn the intricacies making granny squares (regular, half and hexagonal) with Gail, or go to StevenBe’s shop on Chicago Avenue for appetizers ($5 contribution suggested) and see a yarn shop built on personality.