Monday, August 1, 2011

Highlights of our Chain Link 2011 Conference Get-Together

Our Fifth Saturday outing was held at the CGOA Chain Link conference. Some of us had been attending classes at the conference for several days before the meeting, and some came specially to the conference for the meeting. We covered some of the conference highlights (Gail’s winning the Chapter hat challenge—more reporting on that in another posting) and spent some time welcoming other conference attendees and potential chapter members to our group. Through Gail’s efforts we added three new names to our email list. 

Remember those stickers handed out at our last meeting? Carol put one on her back, which prompted someone in her first class to ask, “Do you know you have a sticker on you back?” Well, yes, she did—it was there to attract attention. And so it attracted the attention of other class members, including Brenda Bourg, editor of the Chain Link, a CGOA publication within Crochet! Magazine. Brenda came to our meeting to ask if we would write an article summing up the conference, to appear in Chain Link. Yes, we most certainly will write the article! The article will be an excellent opportunity for us to attract new members to our chapter.

As always, there were some projects to share. Some knitters had told me the first rule of attending a conference is never to bring a lace project or anything that requires concentration as you will screw it up. Our chapter members broke that rule royally. Lynn was crocheting a doily in size 20 thread (I was impressed). Julie’s tunisian class gave her the confidence to bring this lace-weight tunisian project to work on at the conference.

Jean, not usually a doily crocheter, brought this project to work on.

But we were all duly impressed that Joy would bring this doily in size 40 DMC Cordonnet (yes, 40!) to work on. Joy is not yet a member, but we sincerely hope she will join us.

A member of a MI chapter stopped by to chat about how we organized our chapter and tell us the process which her chapter is going through.  A member of the Northern Illinois chapter told us that her group meets in a public library—which, of course, is not available for free.  We met a crocheter from Rochester who thought we weren’t too far away and would be interested in attend a meeting.  The interest is out there, we just need to keep working to grow our group.

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