Thursday, June 14, 2012

Project Gallery June 2012

Aren't these colors lovely? Click on the picture to enlarge it so you can see that this yarn includes seed beads, which give the yarn a subtle sheen. Gail made this triangular shawl to wear at her daughter's wedding. The stitch pattern allows for a flattering drape. Gail's husband made a shawl pin from lilac wood specially for this shawl.

Jodi finished her summer top, made of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease. All the fancy details are found on the back of the garment. The straps and bodice closure are highlighted with white buttons. Jodi was afraid that the crocheted fabric would be too open, requiring some sort of undergarment, but that is not the case. The open stitch pattern below the bodice allows the breeze to pass through, making the garment cool to wear.

Jodi had one more item to share. She made an eyeglass case to match the phone holder she had made previously. She embroidered the case using a ribbon yarn.