Friday, September 14, 2012

Color Crossing and Retreat Pot-luck: September 29 5th Saturday Outing

If you've read our past blog posts, you know that we love Fifth Saturdays! If you don't know what we're talking about this is the scoop: anytime a month has five Saturdays, we meet for an informal get-together to chat and crochet (and eat because Fifth Saturdays are usually held at a place that has restaurants). No planned agenda, just a chance to relax.

This Fifth Saturday, September 29, is a special one, in conjunction with our first Crochet Retreat, which is being held in Woodville WI (about 45 minutes east of St. Paul). We have two options at two different times on Saturday - and we invite all interested crocheters to attend one or both.

The first option is an excursion to a LYS (local yarn shop), Color Crossing - located in Roberts WI (exit 10 on I-94). Color Crossing is about 30 minutes east of downtown St. Paul; their web site has nice concise directions on the opening page. In addition to yarns for crocheters and knitters, the shop also sells weaving and spinning supplies and so has a great supply of cone yarns like pearl cotton that are perfect for crocheting.

We'll meet at Color Crossing shortly after the shop opens so plan on getting there a little after 10AM; we'll probably hang out at the shop for at least an hour, maybe a bit longer. After the excursion to Color Crossing, the folks who are staying at the Crochet Retreat plan to stop somewhere for a snack (we haven't decided where yet but welcome company) and then return to the retreat center to play with the toys we just bought.

So this leads to the second option, a pot-luck lunch/dinner (linner?) at Memories at the Depot retreat center. Again, we welcome all crocheters to bring a dish and join us - food will be served at 3PM. For directions to the center, scroll down to the bottom of the opening page on their website and click on the directions link. If you want to come to the retreat center earlier, that's ok too - not everyone is making the trip to Color Crossing so there will be people there all day.

Hope to see you! if you have questions about this outing, please let us know at