Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project Gallery October 2012

 Remember the September Expo?  Erin won a Japanese book of amigurumi, as in a Japanese language book of patterns for small crocheted toys.  Here we have a kitten and a small carton of "angry" milk.  Click on the image to blow it up and see the word "milk" on the carton.  Very cute.  In the picture on the right you see three bracelets made to donate to the Prospect Park United Methodist fall art and craft show.  The bracelet on the bottom was the pattern that Jodi taught us in August but with very tiny seed beads.  The tiny beads really gave a different look to the pattern.  Sometimes simple changes make a very big differenct to the outcome.

This isn't crochet, obviously, but a picture of an embroidery sampler that Jodi made.  Each flower showcases a different type of stitch.  She had this mounted in a type of framed display case with a hinged glass top that allowed for the view to open the frame and inspect the stitches.  The thread used was rayon, which had a nice sheen.  Instead of an S twist, this thread had a Z twist, which required Jodi the wrap stitches in a particular way to keep from unraveling the threads.

Here are three felted bowls crocheted by Jody.  The bowls were crocheted with two strands of yarn using the mosaic stitch technique.  The patterning is more obvious on the bowl on the right.  The double strands result in a very thick end product that holds its shape well.  For those interested in the technique, Lily Chin has book out on it, as well as a video.

 June has a new grandbaby.  The parents didn't want anything pastel or "sex specific" so June opted to use a variety of colors in this baby blanket.

June is a member of PPUMC.  Because of the road construction on University Avenue, she and Jody are planning to yarn bomb the route to the church.  They are making covers for old political yard signs.  This arrow will point the way to the church.  Bright idea!

Those who attended the retreat watched Maxine work on this sock monkey hat.  She is now in the process of making four more for a family that wants to look alike.

Melanie is working on another sweater.  This one might look done, but she's still working on the details.  She's currently working on the seaming.  This sweater has set-in sleeves, which are a challenge since the fabric is triple crochet.

From Carol: This hideous thing was a dog from beginning to end.  I know, I made it.  I fell in love with a skein of Paton's Lace Sequin (ooh, shiny!).  I used Ravelry to find a use for it.  This is a scarf crocheted all in single crochet using a size P hook.  With an all-natural yarn, one could probably felt it slightly and block it into shape (which I think was the intention of the designer).  Alas, this is only 9% natural (mohair).  It grows several feet longer as you wear it.  I might be able to salvage it by stitching it into a loop, but I doubt it.

You can't tell by the picture, but this is a triangular shawl crocheted by Jodi.  This Vashti Braha design, Tunisian Neck Lattice, can be found in Robyn Chachula's Book "Simply Crochet."  You can't tell it by the photo, but this shawl is lighter than air.

What do you do when one of your kids gets married?  If you are
Gail, you start crocheting stuff for the new household  The bright stripes are part of a blanket.  The squiggles are kitchen scrubbies.  Gail also made hot pads and potholders.  Gail wasn't able to come to our meeting because she was out of town at the wedding.  Thanks for the pictures, Gail!