Sunday, October 28, 2012

Charity Projects Update: October 2012 Meetup

We held our first Charity Projects meetup on Saturday, October 20 and it was a resounding success! Not only did we complete a number of items but we also had a great deal of fun.

Here's a picture of us working away - and, as you can see, since we met in Bruegger's, several of us took advantage of the location by having a snack and coffee as part of the party.

By the way, the picture is courtesy of a fellow customer who happened to be sitting next to us in the little room where we held the meetup. He was a very nice gentleman from Rochester whose wife is a crocheter! We gave him one of our business cards and hope his wife will look up our blog and maybe even join us sometime.

Since this was our first meetup, we weren't sure how many items we would complete - or even what Warm-Up America afghan blocks for at least part of the meetup. We also had several completed blocks ready to go - ones that other members had donated at the October meeting - so just decided to talk a picture of them all, both complete and in-progress.
everyone would want to work on. As it turned out, all of us ended up working on

By the way, one of our attendees is a beginning crocheter and this was the perfect opportunity for her to work on a project and get immediate help and answers. The green block to the far right is the one she worked on. Mary, we all wish that our beginning pieces had looked as straight and even as yours!

We also used this meetup as an opportunity to collect items for the Prospect Park United Methodist Church Art Fair / Bazaar and for the Harriet Tubman center. This group of scarves, slippers, and gloves was all made and donated by one member. Julie, the recepients of these items will really be thrilled!

Here are two more items that will be donated to the Art Fair - a Dragon Hat for some lucky kid and some kitchen towel toppers for some lucky moms. (The kitchen towels were donated by one of the church members who asked if we could help out be adding nice crocheted holders to the top of them.)

And finally, we left some W-I-Ps for next time - the blue round item is the beginning of a kid's hat, scarf, mittens set for Harriet Tubman and the multi-colored is the beginning of a woman's scarf for Harriet Tubman.

We hope even more of you can join us for the next meetup, watch the blog and your email for details. And if anyone has suggestions for other meetup locations, please let us know at