Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tapestry Crochet: April 13 Meeting Preview

Would you like to learn to make beautiful items like these? All of the items in this picture are examples of Tapestry Crochet, a versatile technique that produces pieces that look woven instead of crocheted. Tapestry crochet projects range from simple to complex, depending on the number of colors used and the complexity of the pattern - so this is the perfect technique for all skill levels, beginner to advanced.

If you'd like to learn more, you're invited to join us Saturday, April 13 2013 from 1pm to 3pm at Prospect Park United Methodist Church. Carla will demonstrate tapestry crochet techniques and then lead us through creating a Tapestry Crochet Spiral Basket (a free pattern designed by Carol Ventura.) Time permitting, Carla will also show us several other designs by Ventura and help anyone get started on those projects as well.

For this meeting, you'll need to bring the following materials:
  • At least two colors of light to medium-weight yarn - a few ounces of each color (light or medium colors are easiest to work with). Although the pattern suggests size 3 cotton thread, any size yarn or thread will work - the size of the finished basket will just vary depending on the exact materials. (Dishcloth cotton such as Sugar n Cream by Lily works wonderfully for tapestry projects.)
  • Appropriate sized crochet hook for the yarn
  • Tapestry needle and scissors
  • You can print your own copy of the pattern and bring it along - but don't worry if you don't get a chance to do that, there will be extra copies on hand
We hope to see you there! While we can't guarantee you'll end up winning a State Fair ribbon (like the one that Carla won for the lavender and white purse), we will guarantee this will be a fun meeting and that you'll be pleased with the results!