Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Project Gallery May 2013

Rosemary brought two scarves for Show & Tell.  The first is a lovely gray acrylic version of the "feather and fan" pattern found on Ravelry (it's a freebie).  This scarf is as soft and cuddly as it looks.  The second scarf, a triangle was done in a sock yarn.  The color variations really emphasize the stitch patterns--no pooling colors here.  Nice work, Rosemary!

Two members did finish the tapestry crochet projects from our April meeting.  Jean made this short basket in green and white cotton.  Joan used worsted weight cotton with an H hook to make this tall container.  It is just the right size to hold a Mason jar, which would be great to hold pencils or other tall items on your desk.

Every meeting has to have a "wow item," and the little banana in this sock monkey baby blanket is it.  Jodi used two strands together to get the ragg (yes, that is the correct spelling) wool look of traditional sock monkeys.  The head was stitched separately and sewn onto the blanket square.

Here's an excellent example of letting the yarn work for you.  Julie used Bernat Mosaic in the psychelic colorway.  This is a Margaret Hubert pattern from Runway Crochet.

I think we're going to have to call Vi "Detail Girl."  She brought two bags to show us.  The first is a work in progress using the crocodile stitch.  She worked a rectangle in three colors.  Instead of a seam up the side, she will seam it up the middle front.  She is working up some flowers which will be sewn over the seam--can't wait to see that.  The second bag has a purchased handle with a separate glasses case attached.  As you can see by this view of the inside, Vi put as much effort into the lining as she put into designing the outside.  Beautiful job!