Sunday, September 22, 2013

Crochet Twin Cities Fair Prize Winners (September 2013)

Our State Fair is a great State Fair—and our county fairs are pretty good, too!  Crochet Twin Cities members were active fair entrants this year and they have the ribbons to prove it.

The State Fair has many, many categories for entry; some categories have special criteria that if you knew about beforehand would greatly help your chances to win.  For example, they like thread work in white or ecru but not colors.  Filet crochet is preferred in size 20 thread, not size 10.  There are size restrictions on framed filet pieces, so measure your entry beforehand.  As for afghans, there are separate categories for afghans crocheted in one piece and those crocheted in strips.

That knight’s helmet winter hat featured in last month’s project gallery won Carla a 4th place ribbon in the winter hat category.  She won second place with a filet crochet picture.

Jean won ribbons for two special stitch afghans; both were cables, but the blue one was done in strips while the ecru one was done in one piece.  Each won a 3rd place ribbon.

Jean also won a 2nd place for her thread work sled for a starched figure. She also brought this swan, which won first prize in the starched figure category last year.

Linda has only been crocheting for a few months but that hasn’t stopped her from entering her work in the fair.  Her teddy bear won a 4th place ribbon.

She won 3rd place for this reversible afghan made from five lively colors of Red Heart Soft plus white for the background. And Ravelry's blog (which lands on the Ravelry home page) included her project in one of their "Eye Candy" articles

Jo entered her maroon and turquoise sweaters (featured in past project galleries) in both the Anoka County fair and Minnesota State Fair.  The maroon sweater won 1st place at the State and was a sweepstakes winner at the county.  The turquoise sweater won 3rd place at the State.

Peggy entered her items in the Washington County Fair.  She won ribbons for a felted hat, and a top-down sweater (both featured previously in our project gallery)

She also won a ribbon for her texting mitts (of which she has crocheted quite a few). Her large doily won her a 2nd place ribbon.