Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Irish Lace Crochet (Part 2): October 12 Meeting Preview

This month is the second in our two-part series about Irish Crochet, also known as Clones Lace. This photo shows some examples of this lovely technique, which is formed by working individual motifs that are then joined on a mesh background.

Last month everyone got a chance to learn about and practice making motifs; this month's focus will be on joining motifs with mesh, including the mysterious Clones knot.

We invite all interested Twin City crocheters to join us Saturday, October 12 from 1pm to 3pm at the Textile Center of Minnesota for this meeting. To get the most out of this meeting, you will need to bring the following materials:

  • Bring two or more completed motifs of your choice. If you attended last month, bring the Wild Irish Rose that you completed plus one additional motif. If you were not able to attend, the Crochet Me site - Interweave Crochet - has a similar motif available as a free download. (If you don't have time to make motifs, you can still come and learn the Clones knot, you just won't be able to practice joining motifs.)
  • Bring the same thread (or smaller) for joining motifs as you used for creating the motifs. See last month's preview for a discussion of thread and hook sizes.
And one final announcement: This is our first month at our new meeting location in the Textile Center. We are really excited! One change to our meeting format: we will now have Open Crochet in our meeting room from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. So if you want to come early please do (and it's OK to bring a bag lunch to Open Crochet).

We hope to see you there!