Friday, September 19, 2014

4th Saturday Meetup: September 27

September is flying by - and that means it's meetup time again. This month we're going back to a spot that we tried earlier this year - the Cafe at Barnes and Noble HarMar Mall in Roseville (southeast corner of Snelling Ave and Cty Road B). The meetup will be from 9:00 AM (when the store opens) until approximately noon - the cafe is in the center of the store and we'll just grab some tables when we get there. All area crocheters are invited to drop in at the meetup - no charge for attending.

The Cafe is a great spot for coffee (Starbucks brand), and for informal crochet and chat (which is what meetups are all about). This spot has some extra attractions too - B&N has a fabulous selection of craft books plus there's a Michael's in the shopping center just a few doors away.

The picture is from our last visit to this spot - we just know there's an empty chair with your name on it so we hope to see you there!