Thursday, June 16, 2011

Project Gallery June 2011

Let this be a lesson to us all: When Maxine makes swatches to sample stitch patterns and felting processes, she labels each one.

Tapestry crochet seems to have been a popular topic. Here's Carla's effort (the handle is in process).

Theresa also has a bag in process. She attaches her handles to the inside of the bag, extending them all the way to the bottom to reinforce the bag.

Carol had a hard time adjusting to Aunt Lydia's bamboo crochet thread, so Gail gave it a try. Interweave Crochet reviewed this thread (and others) in the summer 2011 issue. This is what Gail could do with it.

Carol totally failed at knitting a cardi-wrap out of two different colorways of Kauni Effektgarn, so she designed her own crochet version. This is the wrap in process. The colors kinda knock your eyes out.

Don't forget, we still have our charity project. These bags are from Carla. If you know of a charity that could use them, let us know.