Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meeting Highlights: June 2011 Meeting

We have a team (Maxine, Gail, Peggy, Julie and Jodi) working on developing a schedule of monthly meeting topics and areas of study.  They developed a two-page questionnaire to determine levels of interest and potential involvement in our group.  Those of us at the meeting got to fill out the questionnaire in person.  But how to get it to the rest of you?  We could add a page to our blog that is nothing but the survey; you'd have to print it off and snail mail it to us or scan it and email it.  Or we could just email it to you.  The emailed version likely won't have any of the nice little boxes to check or room for your comments and might make tallying your responses difficult.  [I'm a librarian by training--the organization of data is itself a form of information.]  Whatever the method used, we really will need your response. 

For now, the program group is working on a topic for our July meeting--I just don't know what it is yet.