Sunday, August 14, 2011

Project Gallery August 2011

Due to popular demand, Joan graciously brought in a dinosaur hoodie that she had been working on for her grandson several years ago; the idea was intriguing and we wanted to see how it turned out. The pictures don't do it justice. The dinosaur "scales" start at the front of the hood and continue down the back to the bottom edge of the garment. It is so cute!

And because sisters can't be left out, Joan crocheted a princess hoodie for her granddaughter. Every princess needs a crown; this Joan fashioned out of crocheted flowers attached to the hood. A matching flower decorates the hand warmer. She used leftover yarn to make a matching hat and a "princess tiara" headband. Yes, those are "jewels" on the golden "tiara." The cute factor for hat, hoodie and headband was way up there. The wide variety of projects done by our members is truly inspiring.

Several of our members spin as well as crochet. Carmelle is one such person. She also dies her own yarns. She spun and dyed the yarns used in this shawl project. Maxine helped her finish off the project, which has been a long time in the making. The bottom of the shawl is lined with large motifs.

As some of you already know, Peggy recently had surgery. She is spending some of her time at home crocheting bookmarks. Gail, as always, is involved in using crochet to help and comfort people. Through Angels of Hope, she sent Peggy this angel.

Several months ago, Jeanne was working on a dress project that has dogged her for several years. When she says that she's been working on the dress for three years, don't be too sympathetic--she has only been crocheting a little longer than that. Few of us would attempt anything so challenging as a dress when just a beginner, but our Jeanne did, and this is the wonderful result--fits perfectly. Jeanne also finished the doily that she was working on at the Chain Link Conference.

Kathy also brought in several things to share. If you want to know what a blue-ribbon winner looks like, take a look at this hat and scarf set; Kathy won her ribbon at the Dakota County Fair. Kathy used a clever twisted loop closure with the perfect button on this felted purse.

Marilee belongs to a group with a Minnesota hot dish tradition--fifties food with Jell-O. And to serve it up right they use vintage patterned potholders and hot pads. Here's one that she has completed (on the left) and one in progress. You crochet two identical cloths, then single crochet them together with a contrasting color. 'Fess up, we all have potholders like this at home--but how many of us (besides Marilee) know how to make one?

Here's an example of one of Melanie's garments, done in thread crochet with size 10 cotton thread. Beautifully done and it fits perfectly. Now you can see how she earned her Master's Certificate from CGOA.

Carla brought in two broomstick lace hats. The lighter colored one was supposed to have a border of crocheted cables. After taking a Chain Link class in Tunisian, she decided to do that to the bottom of the dark blue hat. The rim crocheted, folded inside, and the edge attached with single crochet to give the edge a thicker, warmer feel.