Friday, August 12, 2011

Report from Zoe the Pig (August 2011)

Zoe the Pig is our treasurer. She has been collecting donations since last fall. Now she has her own blog page that reports on the amount of donations and how the money is being spent. (Plus her picture is on the page.)

Zoe has been a bit lazy in getting her report on the blog. Mostly because, up to this point, group expenses have been so minimal that members have been directly purchasing / procuring any items needed. And all money that Zoe has collected up to this point is still in her belly.

Thanks to the crochet conference lat month, things are changing. The conference was so successful that members need more of the guild "business cards". We don't want to impose on our donated source again so the group needs to authorize use of Zoe's funds for getting a professional print job. That means that it's time for Zoe to start posting a treasurer's balance sheet - so be sure to check out the Treasury page.

Update: March 11 2012 - Zoe is retiring! Treasury page has been removed. Instead, members will receive information about the treasury at monthly meetings.