Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meeting Highlights: Reading Patterns and Charts

The September meeting focused on reading patterns and charts, but the biggest hurdle to overcome was doing the Foundation Single Crochet with which the pattern started.

Some things to remember when doing foundation chains:
  • Starting and stopping while chaining can result in an unsightly stitch in the middle of the row.  To correct this, frog back to the stitch before the unsightly one, making it easier to get back to uniformity.
  • Foundation chains are not limited to single crochet, but can also be done in hdc, dc and tr stitches.
Something to remember when attempting a new pattern:
  • Read the pattern through before starting so you are familiar with the stitches and how the pattern progresses.
  • If there is a chart, read the pattern through before starting, then compare written instructions to the chart to see whether you can rely on the chart alone (at the Conference, there were many complaints that one or the other was "off" and you don't know until you start to crochet).
  • Always go to the back of the magazine or book to see how that particular publisher designates stitches before starting your project; while the basics are the same (sc, dc, tr, etc), there are differences where post, cluster, and bobbles are concerned.
  • Print off a copy of your pattern before you start and keep it with your project.  When dealing with a pattern in a magazine, you might want to make multiple blown-up copies that you cut out and paste in a single column on another sheet of paper, making it easier to make notes and follow your pattern.
  • Use a sticky note to mark your progress through the pattern.  If your pattern says something like "repeat rows 4 through 8 until project measures X inches long," make sure you write on your sticky note the row number of the pattern repeat where you stopped.
 We meet again on October 8th at Borealis Yarns.  We will work on UFOs--unfinished objects.  Bring along a work in progress for an afternoon of chat and crochet.