Saturday, September 10, 2011

Update: Finding New Location (September 2011)

There is now a google doc available to record details about options for a new meeting location. Click (was the link, no longer active) to view the document or to edit it (anyone who clicks on the link is authorized to edit the document). As you'll see, it's a spreadsheet style document with our criteria listed on the left and then a column for each specific location (three listed at this point ) with details about how whether they match our criteria.

In addition to the locations listed, several people have suggested public meeting rooms at one of the counties in our area (Hennepin and Ramsey are the two that are within the central corrider). Hennepin County rooms, including libraries, are listed and can be reserved at but we cannot reserve any one room more than three months in advance. Ramsey County libraries rooms are listed on but you have to contact individual libraries for reservation information.

At this point, we are still collecting location information. You can help by collecting the type of details you see in the document and it's easy for anyone to add information directly to the document.
  • If you have a new location to list, create a new entry in the first empty column to the right, with detailed information as shown with the other three entries.
  • If you have comments about any of the locations listed, add a comment in a new cell at the bottom of the column.
If you prefer not to edit the document directly, please send the details to Maxine and she will add to the document in your behalf.