Saturday, February 11, 2012

Roving Crochet Reporter: Portugal Report Month 1

This is a post from our friend Julie who is in Portugal.

The skies have been sunny at least part of every day. The grass is green, birds are singing, flowers are blooming. The tangerines are fabulous. All of the food is local = fresh and full of flavor. The temp has ranged from almost 70 a couple days, almost freezing a couple days. Generally between 40 and 60.
The beach house is lovely. T2 which means two bedrooms two bathrooms. We have learned the house is warmer and smells better when the dehumidifier is running and the clothes on the line need to be dry and off the line by mid-afternoon or they become damp again.

The house is located by the lighthouse Carbo Sardaõ, which is an easy google map search. It is four minutes by walking or two by biking.

So my crochet research has confirmed there are multiple crochet magazines available at the newsstand. I haven't found any pattern books in the bookstores where I have looked. Thread crochet is predominant. I have found several stores that have a hundred (more or less) different threads available. 100+ Different colors, variegated. Amazing. Good for my practice of filet crochet.

Yarn is less common. In the area I am in the yarn is mostly found in the 'Chinese Stores' (similar to
the dollar stores in the states) so price is cheap, usually 75 cents to a dollar for 50 grams but the quality is also poor. I do have a couple of favorite shops in Lisbon, which have some lovely yarns available. The local market had a limited offering of cotton yarns from Germany. They came four to a package @ 50 grams each. Also included were two patterns and the proper sized crochet hook. Bonus!!

I have completed a couple projects I brought along. And a couple of placemats and hot pads and a stash busting lopsided rug. Now I am working on a project for me.

There are several field trip opportunities. Lace is very common and there is a lace museum in the northern part of Portugal. There is a wool museum in Covilhâ. And a tapestry museum in the interior close to Spain.

Hope you are all warm and healthy!