Thursday, August 16, 2012

Project Gallery August 2012

This doily illustrates the difficulties of working with fine threads:  they aren’t readily available in local stores.  This is size 20 thread.  You can sometimes find size 20 in white or ecru in the chain stores, but you can’t find colors.  At the time she made this, Joy was unhappy with the green she had in her stash but used it any way.  As you can see by the completed project, the pastel colors work well together with the white center.  And Joy is pleased with the outcome.  We are too!

Here’s another doily but a zillion times larger.  The pattern is an exploded lace shawl by Doris Chan.  Jeanne models her project to give you an idea of the scale.  As you can see by the detail, the main motif is a modified pineapple.

And it is back to small doilies with this asymmetric filet design executed by Jodi.  One of the most
difficult things about filet is wrapping your mind around the idea that you are always crocheting from the right but reading the pattern from left to right and right to left.  If your design is symmetrical, no problem; if it is asymmetrical, you’d better pay attention!

Maria Ann has been busy, completing the baby sweater project from our garment series of meetings.  She also went crazy with baby bibs and scrubbies.  The ties for the bibs are incorporated into the final row crocheted.

If you think these slippers (crocheted by Gail for Carmelle’s friend) are plain and ordinary, think again.  The soles are two layers with gel shoe inserts sandwiched in between.  Very nice idea!  And yes, there is a left foot and a right foot.  The colors are those of the recipient’s favorite college
football team.

Maxine is working on this baby sweater, which is a crochet version of an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern.  It is crocheted flat in one piece and then folded into shape.