Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Meeting Highlights: Going Round in Circles

We began with a brief business meeting.  Here’s the highlights:
  • A retreat location has been chosen.  An email has already gone out to members with more information.
  • The members approved the bylaws changes that put our fiscal year in sync with our elections.
Maxine led us through the finer points of working circles.  If you were not at the meeting, you will want to ask her about the handout because it is a terrific resource.

There are three methods of beginning a circle:  with a joined chain, or working all your stitches into the first chain, or by using a magic circle.  Did you know that there is a correct way to make a slip stitch?  There is.  Did you know there is a better way to wrap the yarn around your hand when making a magic circle?  There is.  We spent some time discussing these techniques with a real “who knew” sense of wonder that something we’ve been doing for years can be so easily improved.  A suggested resource for this is Edie Eckman’s book Beyond the Square.

Here’s some tips regarding circles:
  • Always use a stitch marker to indicate rounds.
  • Research “invisible join crochet” on the Internet for some good ways to finish a circle.
  • Increases in rounds come in regular intervals—be sure to count your stitches.

Our next meeting will by June 8th, when Julie will lead us through a refresher course in Tunisian crochet.