Sunday, May 4, 2014

Knitting for Crocheters: May 10 Meeting Preview

Yes, it's true: Crochet hooks and knitting needles can live together harmoniously in the same project bag! In this bag, they are even sharing the same ball of yarn.

Even though both crafts use yarn to make beautiful things, crocheting and knitting are two distinct crafts. While each craft uses some common skills, each also uses skills that are distinct and different. At this month's meeting, you'll get a chance to learn knitting basics with information and instructions geared specifically toward crocheters:

  • Differences and similarities between the two crafts (including what you already know, what you might not know, and what you might have to unlearn)
  • Demonstration and chance to practice basic knitting skills: knit, purl, cast-on, and bind-off
  • Explanation of basic knitting styles (English vs. Continental - aka throwing vs.picking) and introduction to other knitting terminology
  • A chance to start a simple knitting project, Simple Straight Knit Dish Cloth
To get the most out of this meeting, you'll need to bring:

  • 2 or 3 ounces of smooth worsted weight yarn in a light to medium color; if you plan to use the finished project as a dish cloth, bring cotton such as Sugar n Cream or other 100% "kitchen cotton" but if you want the finished project as the starting square for a blanket then bring wool, acrylic, or blend.
  • Size 5 (3.75mm), 6 (4.0 mm) , or 7 (4.5) knitting needles, straight or circular - made of any material (metal, plastic, or wood). If you purchase straight needles, you won't need needles longer than 10" for this project; if you purchase circular needles, either 16" or 24" should work fine. 
  • A printed copy of the pattern; it's a free Ravelry download.
All interested crocheters and wanna be knitters are invited to join us Saturday, May 10 at the Textile Center of Minnesota. The meeting will be from 1pm to 3pm with open crochet from 11am to 1pm.

Special note: If you haven't had a chance to see our exhibit at the Textile Center, Start Seeing Crochet, May 10 is the last day so you might want to plan to arrive at 10am and take in the crochet sights.

We hope to see you there!