Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Meeting Highlights: Knitting for Crocheters

Julie led us through the business portion of our meeting and once again we had a lot of topics to discuss:
  • Portions of Our Textile Center exhibit, Start Seeing Crochet, have been extended through May 31. The items in the library display case are moving out this week (May 12) as scheduled to make room for another exhibitor.  All other items will stay on display until the end of this month. Members can contact Julie if questions.
  • The Textile Center has let us know about two more opportunities to educate the community about crochet and Crochet Twin Cites. At both these events, we have a chance to demonstrate crochet, answer questions about crochet, and assist children and adults who want to try their hand at crochet. The first opportunity is at the Hennepin County Fair June 19 - 22, and the second opportunity is Art at St. Kate's July 12. For more information or to volunteer, members should contact ctclist@gmail.com.
  • Members may also get involved in these events by helping to create a Create & Take Crochet (CTC) kit. It will be materials for a simple and easy project that we can have ready for any educational outreach opportunities. If you're interested in helping out, contact Julie or Joan (or email ctclist@gmail.com).
  • We're still working on a CTC banner made of purple and white crocheted squares - and members can help by donating 2-inch or 4-inch squares, Joan is collecting these and the plan is to start assembly this fall.
  • Beginning this month, members have an exciting opportunity to earn crochet-related prizes by participating in a monthly raffle (must be present to win). The full rules and guidelines are available at this link but, in a nutshell, members can earn extra tickets by volunteering for extra activities. This month's prize was a 101 Stitches to Crochet, a box of portable cards each with illustration and instructions for a stitch pattern. Carla was the winner this time - quite appropriate because Carla was the volunteer greeter this month.
This month we also added time in the meeting to answer any questions about the CAL sweater. Several people have started the sweater and have questions about the swatch or the first rounds which create the yoke. Members can also ask questions through the CAL discussion thread on our Ravelry group.
After Show and Tell, we moved on to the Knitting for Crocheters class. Maxine gave us some general information about knitting, including the difference between English and Continental styles of knitting plus provided a handout with knitting terminology and resources. Then everyone got a chance to practice casting on and knitting a few rows, with the help of some very capable assistance from those members who are already "bi-craftual".

Finally, members were reminded that we have two additional meetings in May - we'll have separate posts on the blog for each:
  • Fourth Saturday meetup (May 24) will be held at the Starbucks located in Barnes and Noble at HarMar Mall.
  • Fifth Saturday outing (May 31) will be at the Anoka Fiber Works co-op in Coon Rapids - a chance to see their space and participate in their stash exchange.