Monday, May 19, 2014

Project Gallery May 2014

Wow, has everyone been busy!

Rosemary showed off two cowls made from Mini Mochi, one multicolored and the other in varied shades of blue.  Both were constructed flat as rectangles and sewn into circles.

She crocheted a bunch of dishcloths from Sugar and Cream, using a Ravelry pattern to make starfish-shaped cloths.

Her shawl was crocheted using a very large hook and Tempo yarn (a Michael's store brand).  Would you believe it is all half double crochet?  A very good use for this lovely yarn.

Carol displayed two handwoven scarves that should be a cautionary tale for anyone felting projects; if you have a front-load washer, you are better off felting your project in the dryer (even if it takes tries) than running the risk of over-felting in the washer.

She also shared her first skeins of yarn spun on a wheel.

Sue brought back her Minion hat to show off the clever way she lined the hat.  Since crocheted hats don't always keep out the wind, she lined the hat with polar fleece.

Linda shared a baby blanket that utilizes front post and back post stitches to yield a basketweave appearance.

Joan's purse will probably be lined (oh, the possibilities!).  The nylon cord, purchased at Hobby Lobby (lots of colors), takes some getting used to.  Because it is slippery, weaving in the ends can be a challenge.

Carla made these mittens, using a variety of methods to make the thumbs.  In order to avoid "holes" when picking up the stitches, she doubled the number of stitches when attaching the thumbs, then immediately decreased.  She combined two different patterns to make these mitts, which will be donated.  Carla finished the cable project started back in November (was it that long ago we studied cables?).

Melanie has been busy knitting baby sweaters, Lisa is making dishcloths, and Gail has been churning out charity projects.  Jean is busy knitting a two-color baby blanket for Erin--looks wonderful, too!  Joan shared this wooden crochet hook holder which her daughters purchased on Etsy.