Saturday, August 19, 2017

Crochet at Washington County Fair 2017

Entering needlework at the Washington County Fair is simple and speedy. You can enroll your item online before the fair or when you bring it for display the day or two before the fair starts. Items are displayed by volunteers the evening before the fair begins. You do not have to live in Washington County to enter items into this fair.

Crochet and knitted items have basic criteria for judging in general appearance, workmanship and finishing. Local home economists are the judges, and the judging is done the night before the fair when the items are displayed.

Ribbon winners receive a money award along with their ribbon. The amount varies depending on the item size and complexity, described as “lots” in the directions. A thread bedspread with a blue ribbon would receive $4; Lisa’s infant hat with a blue ribbon received $2.00. Awards range from $60-$0.25 with a special $10 Judge’s Choice award for an exhibit form someone under age 16. There are also Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons for crochet.

There were quite a few crocheted items. Smaller items were displayed in glass display cabinets. There were about three cabinets of crocheted items with several cabinets of mixed knitted and crocheted pieces.

There were many lovely doilies; several of them made by the same people.

Afghans were hung on the wall or on display stands and covered with plastic. Dozens of afghans were displayed, knitted and crocheted. There are some special awards for knitted afghans.

Next year, if you want to participate in a fair competition or take a look at some lovely crochet, think about the Washington County Fair