Monday, September 4, 2017

Minnesota State Fair Round-Up

Another successful year at the MN State Fair! Here are some photos of our participation. Since the ribbon winners are still on display at the fair, those will be posted at a later date.

Thanks goes out to everyone who participated in these events,  Every contribution, big or small, helps spread the word about the artistry of crochet.

Dan Patchwork

Crochet Twin Cities participated in the Great Minnesota Knit (&Crochet) together by creating Dan Patchwork - our crochet-covered topiary.

Dan Patchwork and our crochet sampler
Dan with his 6'4" friend.

MN Nice!

The team of "dressers"


Demonstration Booth

Once again CTC showed off our crochet skills at a booth in the Creative Activities Building.  Lots of visitors stopped by to check out our items and try crochet for themselves.


Some items on display

Crossing T's and dotting I's

Giving it a try

Special items on display

No-calorie fair food

Rosette Award

Last but not least CTC awarded a rosette, monetary prize and one-year CTC membership for the best overall crocheted Shell, Vest or Sweater using multiple stitch patterns. The winner this year is Barbara Strenge from St. Paul.


What Next?

Lucky for us we get to enjoy the fair every year.  See you in 2018 for more fair fun!