Monday, August 28, 2017

MN State Fair--Dan Patchwork

Kudos to the Crochet Twin Cities committee who worked on the "yarn bombing" project at the State Fair this year.

The effort was part of the Great Minnesota Knit Together (yarn is yarn whether knit or crochet), organized by Knitteapolis and involving a number of guilds and organizations.

The team completely covered a life-size topiary horse with crocheted items illustrating Minnesota seasons, wildlife and flowers along with a backdrop including a map of Minnesota.

Our horse was named Dan Patchwork. Dan is roughly divided by a river with a waterfall tail. Spring and summer on his front half, fall and winter on the hindquarters.

Several of our members put in long hours to crochet the items, create the design and install the work. They deserve a great big Thank You for creating such a delightful exhibit of our our craft.