Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Great Snoopy Caper of 2018

From approval of our proposal for a holiday sweater for the Snoopy sculpture in the main terminal of the MSP airport at the beginning of October to installation on Dec. 7, 2018, 13 CTC members scrambled to create 45 unique embellishments for Snoopy’s sweater and scarf. We worked in collaboration with the Midwest Machine Knitter’s Collaborative (MMKC) who machine knitted a sweater and scarf, as well as some accessories (mittens, headband, boot toppers, and a teeny, tiny poncho for Woodstock).

Somehow we managed to design, create and install this creation in just two short months! Our approach was to put a whimsical and decidedly Minnesotan spin on creating an “ugly holiday sweater” (with accessories) for the airport Snoopy and Woodstock that exemplifies what we appreciate most about life in Minnesota. We captured some of the iconic Minnesota images, from a love of hot dish to a celebration of the actual state bird (the loon) to the perceived state bird (the mosquito), and everything in between. We wanted Snoopy and Woodstock to be as warm and cozy as possible, so they’re all bundled up for a cold winter’s day with cheery colors and silly embellishments.

We sought to create something that would lift the spirits of weary travelers and put a smile on their faces, while welcoming them to our beautiful state. Based on the reaction on social media, we succeeded! #SnoopySnazzySweater